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TWIM Online Certification


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 The Word In Motion Online Liturgical Dance Teacher Certification:

This is a certificate course facilitated online. Students will be required to get all coursework  material separately.   The online course will consist of  an  intensive  and in depth study and  training on the various aspects of Liturgical Dance. You will  need to have access to a computer or lap top to complete your online coursework. You will be given written assignments, exams, blogs, chats, conference calls, and video submission assignments to download and upload. You will be expected to complete this coursework within a specific time frame.

Upon Completion of this course; participants will have demonstrated the ability to:         

  •        Instruct students in proper liturgical dance styles and  techniques
  •      Coordinate and organize dance conferences and workshops
  •      Teach on proper liturgical dance garments and colors
  •      Teach students the Biblical meaning and foundation of liturgical dance
  •      Understand the dynamics of choreography in liturgical dance
  •      Choreograph individual and  group liturgical dances
  •      Understand how to begin a local or community dance team 
  •      Organize and understand the functionality of  the administrative component of liturgical dance
  •      Network with other liturgical dancers
  •      Recognize  pitfalls and hindrances in liturgical dance and strategies to overcome them
  •      identify effective team building and leadership strategies in liturgical dance
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