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Summer Drummer - 6 Week Session - Beginning July 10th
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All students will receive an official Preschool of Rock CD and Musical Instrument!

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Spring Sings 2017
Summer Drummer 2017
Class Descriptions
Show classes for:
Summer Drummer

Every child receives of pair of free bongos. They return with these drums weekly to give them a sense of ownership over their musical ability and their music class. Consider this their first instrument!

REAL Rockin’ Roll musicians perform with unforgettable, undeniable, musical awesomeness for your little one. Preschool of Rock shows entertain by using original tunes, hip-shakin' dance moves, and exciting instruments and props. We turn up the music without turning up the volume and every show is an educational, roof-raising celebration.


Winter Wonder

Explore your child's imagination through music. Lets pretend to be a robot, a seedling, a cowboy! Bring your mommy and me class experience to a new level with the most intelligent and rocking programing for your baby, toddler or preschooler. 

Each child receives a Preschool of Rock CD, song book and kazoo!

Time to rock the chill of winter away with your child's unlimited imagination!

10 Week Session: $239

Drop-In Class: $30

Spring Sings

Join us this Spring!

Let's usher in warm breezes, flowers and birds as we explore the noises we can make with our bodies.  Imitate the voices of animals and instruments. Create a world of sound with your own body!

All children receive an exclusive pre-release copy of Preschool of Rock's new record as well as his or her own play microphone! Let's sing the Pirate Song, the Doctor Song and rock this Spring together!

Winter Flurry

A 2-week mini-session between Fall Fiesta and Winter Wonder!

2 Week Session: $40

Pop Up Family Jam

A great opportunity to join your favorite Preschool of Rock class at a 50% discount!


Preschool Enrichment

Preschool of Rock brings our wonderful music program to your child's school! A musical enrichment program which combines movement, language, science and math. Our children will explore new instruments and different genres of music each week!