Cantabella Children's Chorus
Non-Participation fee
Non-Participation fee


We have now split the volunteer non-participation fee into two payments - one per semester*. If you choose to opt out of volunteering your time, please pay the $55 fee per child enrolled in Cantabella each semester.

If you choose to pay the opt-out fee after registration has concluded, the fee will be increased by $20 (totaling $75 per child).

If you do not pay the fee, the volunteer time commitment for a single job (or combination of small tasks) averages 4-6 hours total per semester. It is possible to work a larger job in one semester and fulfill your hours for the year.

Individuals who do not complete volunteer duties for the semester (or work out an alternative with our coordinator) will be assessed the $75 fee at the end of the semester.

*Fall and Spring semesters only.  Summer classes N/A.




Number of non-participation fee:
$ 75.00