photo Maria

Maria is a Lego Certified Instructor from Scandinavia who specializes in Early Childhood Development. Maria grew up in a family of teachers: her parents teach Math and Chemistry. While living in Scandinavia, Maria worked for Smart Kids Language Center as an English instructor and was also a private math teacher. Maria has Bachelor’s in Engineering, which she strategically implements while working with older kids on robotics and WeDo assignments. She has also attended workshops on TRIZ methodology and its implementation in Early Child Development. She passionately implements all of her knowledge in Lego classes, and we welcome you to attend to see her in action!

photo Jennifer

Jennifer is Lego Education certified teacher and has a bachelor degree in engineering.  She is an avid supporter of infusing opportunities in the arts, engineering, authentic problem-solving and creativity throughout the Smart Lego Kids curriculum. She has been working with kids for the past 5 years. When away from Smart Lego Kids, Jennifer can be found reading, doing graphic arts and building Lego Structures.